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    Default An Appearance by Ken Schramm

    On April 2nd, I will be appearing at the SouthEastern Michigan Beekeepers Association (SEMBA) Conference in Livonia. I'll be speaking at 10:30am. If anybody would like to stop by and talk mead, I'd love to meet some people. There is a $10 admission fee. There are also many great opportunities to connect with some fantastic beekeepers (that's spelled h-o-n-e-y s-o-u-r-c-e-s, to me).

    For more info, check out:

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    Default Re: An Appearance by Ken Schramm

    ::grumble:: I won't be in Michigan until June.....


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    Grumble grumble. I have a wedding to attend that day!!!!

    Will you possibly be having another seminar at Kuhunen brewing company again. I had just missed you by a weekend when I bought your book there.
    Or possibly at Dragonmead microbrewery also in Warren? Although they still aren't producing mead yet, they keep saying they are working on the licseneing.
    Yes thats right all A brewery named Dragonmead with no mead

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