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Thread: DME?

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    smilingwyvern Gotmead Visitor

    Default DME?

    What is DME? I was told to use it as an ingreient for a braggot.

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    Dried malt extract... I dont know much more...other than thats its the dried result of partialy germinated grain.

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    smilingwyvern Gotmead Visitor

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    Thanks now I don't feel so lost anymore.

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    Oh, now THAT clears up a few bits of confusion on my part.

    I'm used to thinking of DME as Diatomaceous Earth - which is used in some sand filtration units for swimming pools.

    Couldn't quite figure out how it worked as an ingredient in braggot.

    David Baldwin
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    Ha! DME is Distance Measuring Equipment, a type of radio used for navigation in aircraft...

    Just being ornery so early in the morning...

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    For completeness,

    LME is the liquid variety.

    Malt is where they start germinating the barley to convert starch to sugars.
    And that's about the limit of my knowledge on malt

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    As was said, DME is Dried Malt Extract. Its a shortcut used by homebrewers to cut down on the amount of whole grain that needs to be handled at home. The manufacturer malts the grain as usual and then cooks it into a wort as you would in your home if you were all grain brewing. the wort is then sprayed in a thin layer onto a surface and allowed to dry. the resultant powder is DME.

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