I've got a mead made with some lavender tea that's been aging in a secondary fermenter for about 2 months now after a 1 month primary fermentation. If you've ever seen a lavender, the flowers grow on top of a grassy stalk. It's this grassy stalk flavor and aroma that seems to dominate my mead (even though the tea I used was basically only lavender flowers), both in terms of aroma and flavor. Granted, I only used 10# clover honey (5 gal batch), so that in and of itself will make things dry. It doesn't taste bad, but the combination of a dry mead to begin with and the grassy lavender character makes it extremely dry and almost overwhelmingly grassy. In some ways it's kind of cool and rustic, and it certainly has mucho lavender character, but I think I would rather have this grassiness somewhat subdued. I've thought about adding a little more honey to sweeten it a bit, but I'm not sure what this will do. Any thoughts on this, or is this a common theme with flower infused dry meads. Thanks!