A disturbing thing happened at the local homebrew store today and it got me thinking. How much do you all listen to the "brewmasters/owners" and other fellow homebrewers at your local homebrew store? (or LHBS for Oskaar). Does anyone pay them any attention, or just take with moderation, or just plain ignore them?
I bring this is up as I was going to pick up some goodies for my latest batches and got seriously heckled, ridiculed, and lectured at over my yeast and nutrient selections. Sadly this is the second time it has happened in that store, but unfortunately this is the only homebrew store within a long ways so I tend to end up there. The first time was a few weeks ago when I was buying yeast and stuff for my jasmine mead batch. The owner, a supposed "master brewer" according to the awards, asked what I was buying the 71B and yeast hulls for. When I told them I was using the 71B for a jasmine mead, the owner FLIPPED, big time. They proceeded to go on a 15 minute rant about how I should never ever ever use 71B for mead and that I should only use K1V or EC-1118. At the moment, I was trying hard to keep my laughter under control at the bizarre display, but it kind of stuck with me. Today, I went back to get some more yeast for my next project, and was once again heckled for my choice of yeast and nutrients for my mead. While the owner was not in attendance, the workers and several local home wine makers decided to chime in that 71B should not ever be used for mead, only for fruit wines, or dandelion wines.
Now I have only made a few meads as some of you are aware, but as you all have posted and said 71B can make a good mead.
But does beg the question of how much heed do you all pay to the local homebrew store and its collective voices.
any thoughts, comments??
somewhat miffed and wondering,