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    Default (Appropo of Nothing) Hack Attack On Another Site

    My wife's favorite website, The Goddess Within, hosted by Easyboard, got blasted last week. It was a huge site, with hundreds of very busy topics. They lost over 50,000 posts, and most of their membership info. All of Easyboard was attacked, and many other sites were hit hard too. It doesn't look like they're ever getting that info back. Makes you happy for what you have, I'll tell ya!


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    Default Re: (Appropo of Nothing) Hack Attack On Another Site

    I hear that. Both my regular local board, and my EQ2 guild board got thumped, with the EQ2 board losing pretty much everything.

    So now I get to go back and rewrite a bunch of info and FAQ posts and try to clean up.


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    Default Re: (Appropo of Nothing) Hack Attack On Another Site

    Which is why I switched to SMF. Knock on wood, this one is a bit less suseptible than the YaBB board was...

    I still have the YaBB posts, at least most of them, but haven't had time to get them on back on. I'm thinking now I might just put together HTML pages with the threads, since the posts are all in plain text....


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