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Thread: Topping Off

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    Halloooo the Forum!

    What if I didn't make enough to save off?

    When making a batch of must, one should make enough to have some left over (stored in a sterile container) in the event of a blowoff? I've searched the archives and I haven't been able to find a conclusive answer.

    Can I match my recipe in a smaller quantity and match the OG to use for topping off?

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    Um, .....

    Do I match the original recipe or do I take a current sg and make the recipe to that?

    Pretty please, day two saw a near disaster when I moved the carboy. I kept my hand over the top (the lip had plastic covering it at the time) and let the foam and pressure bleed down gradually but it was nearly a total disaster. I only lost about two to three ounces from the batch.

    I had another near disaster after adding 1 tsp each of yeast energizer & nutrient.(YE&N). Next time I put those in BEFORE pitching the yeast.

    I am afraid this batch is doing it's darnedest to humble me and I may need to top it off before the week is out.

    As for my ingredients, it's the same basic recipe I've used since I started making mead in January. I only just started adding other things like the YE&N.

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    Normally when I've had to top off, I use a mix of the same honey and some water. Didnt really measure the SG, just made sure it was nice n sweet.

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    I've never really given it much thought until now. You are right, I guess I'll make enough to pressure can the extra an duse it as needed to make up for losses and maintain head space. Thanks

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