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Thread: Ginger Mead

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    Well here is a bottle of Ginger Mead

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Pretty color. Looks like you had a corking problem, though.


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    Just a tad David, I usually get 1 of them out of every case I cork, I have been trying to fine tune my corker and athough I havent figured it out totally yet its getting

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    I use a sanitised piece of e-string guitar wire (the smallest one) inserted into the neck of the bottle while corking (then pulled out once the cork is inserted),
    which allows the pressure to dissipate and makes the cork go in easier - HTH.

    I don't even use one of those metal corking devices, just a plastic push-by-hand corker ($10).

    I also soften the corks in near-boiling water - but I've heard there are draw-backs with this.

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    Thanks for the tip, I may have to give it a try

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    I like your label. But I can't stand horns on a viking helmet!

    The sword is right though.

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    well I popped the cork on one of the bottles of Ginger Mead.....WOW the ginger flavor came through nicely and the sweetness was between dry and semi sweet maybe 1.005 sg but I didn't check it was chilled to 35 degrees and it tasted so wonderful just didn't think of checking the sg

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    Way to go! I love the pale color on that -- really fine and crisp-looking. Great job!


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    Thanks David, also thanks for the great logbook entry on my new web site. I added a Got Mead Banner to link to this site on my home page, thought it was the least I could do for all the help ya'll have given me getting my meads to the next level....Thanks again to all here...

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    Ginger Mead? How does tastes? I couldn't even think that ginger could be used not only with sushi, but even with such product as mead. How do you do bottled ginger mead?

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    Hi Millinger.... you might want to check dates before you ask questions, this thread is fourteen years inactive. And as for ginger mead, have you never had ginger ale?
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