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Thread: CO2 canisters?

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    I have been using a method where I drop dry ice into a plastic container of water that is then shut. There is a hose leading out of the container that I drop into my carboys and I let the CO2 fill the carboy up before I rack. (Same goes with bottling). However, I can only purchase dry ice in 10# increments which is quite a bit more than I need. Of course, I can't store it.
    I was thinking about using a compressed CO2 canister like the ones used in paintball. How would I set it up, and how effective and costly is it?

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    You can get the small ones at, they're not too expensive and I believe the work well. I think Brewbear just got one. Maybe he can help with an evaluation.


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    Got the handy CO2 dispenser used for the 3 and 5 gal Cornys. It takes a little adaptor, a hose clamp and about 12 - 18 in. hose. I bought mine from Steinfillers for $20 B3 has it for $14.95. the CO2 is in the small, disposable containers, $7 for 12 at B3 vs, $1 each at Steinfillers
    If you fill the 5 gal. carboy halfway with your mead, you can put the hose (sterilized) close to the surface and fill with CO2. Then continue filling with mead. This way you are certain there is no oxidation, you also have some CO2 left to fill any overhead space if any is left.
    Hope this helps,

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    And here's what the contraption looks like:

    Hope this helps,

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    hum... I'm trying to figure out if it'll be most cost effective to build my own contraption using a paintball gun's CO2 canister, use yours, or keep using the dry ice. 10#s of dry ice goes a long way. Long enough to fill up several 7 gallon carboys before filling, and to fill most of the necessary bottles. I could probably crush the remaining dry ice and use it to carbonate the mead, even.
    But if a single charge on the small canister only fills up a single carboy...

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    CO2 tanks work best for me, I love the cartridge type injectors for serving away from home (parties, BBQs, etc..), I was suprised the first time I used it, works quite well

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    They are good for at least two carboys....That's all I have going now, and there is still CO2 left in the cartridge.


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