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    When I made this batch of strawberry mead, the recipe called for acid blend, which I did not have, so I used rasins and dried cranberries. Since I am experimenting, I figured I would give this a try. I checked it several days later in the primary fermentor since it was bubbling very slowly and discovered a slight crust on top of the strawberries. Since this is my second batch was there something wrong with this and the strange smell accomping the stirring of the mash?? Smelled much like my some upset stomach. A perpelexed Irog

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    Could you post your exact recipe and technique, along with any gravity, P/h, and temperature readings you might have taken? It's tough to say what could be wrong, if anything, without knowing what you've done. Post it to Toubleshooting Your Mead, so that others know to look for it there. There are some very sharp people on this board, who will no doubt have insight into your situation (I don't claim to be among their number, but if you can't stand on the shoulders of giants, then you can at least hitch a ride on their coattails).


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    It's probably nothing. Got a picture?

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    K. This recipe was increced from a 1 gal to 5.
    2.5 Lbs fo Honey, I wused 12.5
    1 lbs of frozen strawberries, I used 5
    Acid blend - I did not use, all though I later found out stawberries do not have enough acid in them and thus I shouldh have used it, bummer.
    grape tannin I used 2 cups of rasins
    pectic enzyme I also did not use.
    Montrachet yeast. I used EC-1118 yeast.
    I added the following 2 tps Nutrient Blend
    1 cup dried cranberries.
    I started a yeast starter with 1/4 gal of water, 2 cups honey and 2tsp of the nutrient blend. S.G. was 1.077.
    pinching temp was 78 degrees
    Made this on 6/18. 2 weeks later 7/2 racked into secondary carboy to let set for 3 months.

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