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    Default New Article on Brewing Safety from Miriam

    OK guys, Miriam has once again given us a great article. Check here: to read her very detailed approach to safety in the homebrew environment.

    Thanks to Miriam! (oy vey Miriam, you didn't miss a trick!)



    Vicky Rowe
    Owner & Webmistress,
    Executive Director, American Mead Makers Association
    Making Mead since 1995

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    Default Re: New Article on Brewing Safety from Miriam


    Another triumph! This is a wonderful article, filled with common sense (and sometimes counter-intuative, but nonetheless important) advice, for both beginning mazers, and for more experienced ones who might have gotten a little lazy over the years (in the ranks of who I must sheepishly include myself).

    Good work!


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    Default Re: New Article on Brewing Safety from Miriam

    Thank you, David and Oskaar, and especially Vicky. I confess that since writing this article I've been more conscious about staying focused when moving carboys around. The other precautions are second nature from soapmaking, but not that.

    Miriam the Mead Bubeh
    Israeli Kitchen

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    Default Re: New Article on Brewing Safety from Miriam

    Excellent article Miriam! Very well written and a lot of good thoughts!

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