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  1. Default Anyways to Boost Body ?


    Recently started a mead on June 22.

    This was my first mead, and Ive learned alot. But Ive made a good few mistakes with it. Im hoping I dont have to pitch this one.

    Here was my recipe

    6 Gallons of water
    8 lbs Blueberry Honey
    2 pounds Buckwheat honey
    100 oz of Blackcurrant Juice (unfiltered organic etc.)
    Stick of cinnamon
    Lavlin 1118C
    No Nutrient or Campden.

    Flash Pasteurized Must.

    I actually wanted this to be a 5 gallon recipe, but had a bit of a disaster, I didnt factor in the volume of honey and ended up with alot more volume than I had wanted.

    Now I just racked this mead into the third carboy, and tasted it. It has zero body. It takes just like water. And Im a little worried it may have dropped in alcohol content, as it tastes really weak. Its colour of also really weak in a glass, its nice in the carboy though.

    I thought it might be flowers of wine, but the film on the wine was so light, not furry, and never grew into the surface I dismissed that.

    Nonetheless this mead tastes really really watery.

    Is there anyway I can give it some more body at all ? Ive heard black tea would help.

    And is there anyway to tell if the Alcohol is actually dropping ?

    btw, my last a largest mistake was not taking an Initial SG., I learned to make ale from my grandfather who never used it, and have made great ale a long time with no Hydrometre, never had a problem. Mead has been a big adjustment.

    Any Help Appreciated.

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    Film Yeast

    Film Yeast A common cause of infection in a wine. The infection starts as small islands of white on the surface of the wine which gradually increase in size until the surface of the wine is covered with a whitish skin or pellicle. The effect of a film yeast is to convert the alcohol to carbon dioxide and water, and, therefore, once diagnosed, cure is urgently needed. By stirring, the pellicle is broken up, and sulphiting will kill the organisms. The wine is then racked after a few days. Prevention is by hygiene and anaerobic conditions. If, however, a sherry type wine is being made, do not break the flor.

    I also just found this.

    this sounds alot like what I had.

    I also stupidly did not rack out of a large carboy and had about 3 L of headspace. for a good few weeks.

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    Well, I'll let Joe or Oskaar handle the other aspects
    But, that looks awfully thin.
    10#s of honey into what I am guessing ended up as 7 or 8 gallons?
    And only 100oz of blackberry juice?
    Off the top of my head I'm guessing this would give a SG of 1.05 and ~7% ABV.
    To me it looks really thin, and 7% ABV isn't going to act as a preservative and open up the must to infections.
    I personally don't care about headspace. In the beginning of the fermentation the yeast will use the oxygen in the headspace and fill it with CO2. As long as you rack into a smaller container, fill the container with something inert like glass beads when you rack, or fill i with CO2 before racking then the headspace isn't a problem.
    I had 2 USG of headspace in my carboys when I made 5 gallon batches. They both turned out well, but whenever I racked I filled it with CO2.

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    The final volume ended up being about 6 mabye 6.5 gallons tops. No way it hit 8 gallons.

    I filled my carboy to the top in the initial filling (19 L one) and had a gallon and a half wine jug which almost filled with the remainder.

    Thanks for the help

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    Even at 6 gallons you would hit 8.5% ABV tops.

    Just checking again.
    10# total of honey
    and 100 fl oz of juice (say, 6% sugars).

    I was guessing 7-8 gallons because 6 gallons water + 10# honey and 100 oz of juice is ~7.5 gallons total.

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    Sounds like you just need more honey for the volume of must. If you started out with 6 gallons of water as your recipe says, and then added they honey and juice, how could you have ended up with 6 gallons final volume?

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    Hmm I suppose you are right, it would have been closer to 7 gallons than 6. Ill add a bit of honey. Now, should I just throw it in from the jar, or should I pastuerize it first ?

    On a higher note, my new mead topped out at exactly 5 gallons, looks great and tastes great so far.


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