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    Default Champagne grape Pyment

    I have just over a lb. of these tiny little black grapes, sold as champagne grapes (look like little bubbles), very, very sweet with a delicate flavor.

    I was snacking on these tonight while watching a movie and started thinking a lb. of these tiny grapes, a lb of tupelo honey and water to make 1 gallon might make for a wonderful sweet mead pitched with D47.

    Has anyone tried this combination?

    How did it turn out?

    How's it taste?


    [edit] I used the mead calculator... it only has concord grapes, and I'm not sure the numbers are right. Most grapes will ferment to 12% or 13% ABV without the addiition of any sugars. using the calculator I get a PA of 5%, is this right?

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    Not exactly a specific answer to your question, but last year I did a couple of 1 gallon batches with Champagne grapes and strawberries. It was a huge hit. I used trader Joes's mesquite honey and lalvin k1-v1116 yeast. Unfortunately all of my brewing notes from the last couple of years were lost so I can't post the specifics of the recipe. We prefer a drier mead but it came out pretty sweet, but not cloying. The grape and strawberry flavors traded places throughout so neither was ever really overwhelming, it was really interesting and quite enjoyable. Go for it!

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