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    Default Medieval Mead (A question)

    For a practical edge to my Medieval Studies class I decided to make some mead, I mean could a better excuse come along for me to get into home brewing?

    My question is, does anyone have any reference material related to medieval mead? How they made it, what it was used for <besides drinking> so on and so forth. I have a bit of information on the subject, but I figured there would be those out there who know far more than myself (Naturally). Oh information on equipment and what not would be helpful also.

    Any information would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Medieval Mead (A question)

    Das Buch Guter Spise, dated 1345 - 1354, has a mead recipe. Click here and scroll down to #14.

    Digby's Closet Opened has a number of mead recipes -- although the book was published in the 1600's, some of the recipes may date to the Medieval period.

    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Default Re: Medieval Mead (A question)

    Thanks a lot for that information, I will use it in my assignment, not to mention the fact they added sage, and I have been considering doing this with my next batch.


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