A large number of the ongoing general mead questions are actually guestions by new meadmakers.

If you established a dedicated general forum (perhaps "Help for the inexperienced Meadmaker" or some suitable tile) You could establish a useful refrence for new meadmaker of sticky and possibly some locked topics to provide information in a controlled and understandable way. There are so many options and people who advocate them that Information overload can result IMO. There is room for a couple contrasting opinions naturally, but endless ardent debate of every variation is more than the new meadmaker is comfortable with IMO (as mentioned in some posts by them).

Possibly sticky topics,
Recomended recipes for first batches.
MeadMaking Glossary (for those that didn't find it on outer site)
Equipment descriptions and uses.

I'd be willing to administer and be responsible for providing Timely responces to inquiries if you think that would help.