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Thread: Ethiopian mead

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    What exactly is Ethiopian mead? I've heard references to it and that it's often served in Ethiopian restaurants. But how is it different from regular mead? Does anyone have any recipes to make it?

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    T'ej (Ethiopian Mead) is the national drink of Ethiopia, and is a mead made with hops.

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    There are some posts on the Internet on this. Even telling you how to pronounce it (T-edge).


    To make authentic T'ej requires the bark of a Gesho (similar to Hazel) tree. Since it is bitter, Hops is a supposedly a good substitute.

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    I've tried three Ethiopian meads. They were all very dry, IMHO.


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    You can always sweeten them up at bottling time by adding a few drops of honey. Even so, most of the commercial mead I've had, albeit mainly in Europe, has always been too sweet. It's nice to know some make it dry..

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