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  1. Default It's a beautiful thing!

    I have to run for the weekend, but on my way out i looked in at the mead wall...

    Nothing like seeing a mead that has dropped amazingly clear since the last time you looked at it, Can't wait to rack it next week. This is a Blended OB and Buckwheat mead made on Jan 2nd. The Maple mead from the first has dropped a lot of sediment, but it's so much darker i have no idea how clear it will become...

    More to come on this next week.

  2. Default Re: It's a beautiful thing!

    Did you add anything to make it clear? Or did it "just happen" I have been "willing" my first show mead to clear for a month now and it doesn't seem to be helping. Both my Cycer and Pear mead (both started after the first show mead) are very very clear! Should I add something? The pear mead had pectic enzymes added, but the cyser, made with unfiltered apple juice, did not! I probably just need more patience! Can you buy more patience at the local brew shop?


  3. Default Re: It's a beautiful thing!

    Hmmm, IIRC I added some bentonite to that batch when i transfered to secondary about three 4-5 weeks ago, with the plan to add some isinglass at the next racking, based on current appearance, isenglass will not be needed.

    Probably I added pectic enzyme as well... even if not obviously needed I tend to add this as a standard practice. I am registering some software as soon as i get my income tax refund and should be able to review my notes more thoroughly at that time.

    I may get the polarity reversed, but basicly my understanding is bentonite {clay} is negatively charged ionicly and binds with positive particles in a must and causes them to precipitate, and isenglass {Fish parts.. bladder?} is exactly the opposite, so between the two they tend pull all charged particles out of suspension. For OBVIOUS REASONS you don't use them at the same time.

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