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    Howdy. I am thinking about making my very first batch of mead, hopefully as a 2004 Christmas present. The problem I have is that since I live at college, I have to transport everything I own back and forth from home 4 times a year (I come home between every semester.) Obvioulsy I would have to take the mead with me. Its a 2 hour drive that is pretty much smooth for the most part, though there are alot of winedy roads. Will transporting my mead like this while it is fermenting or aging mess it up for me?

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    It won't likely hurt it in the scheme of things, but you should probably just leave it at your permanent house in an out-of-the way place and just let it sit. Many meads can benefit from 9 months and more on their original sediment.

    But don't sweat the travel at all - no reason to really transport more than once and if you do just try to minimize splashing because depending on the C02 in the headspace it 'could' oxidize the final mead (if it's in early stages of fermentation there is plenty of C02 being given off to fill the headspace so theoretically it's less prone to having O2 in there).

    Depending on when it was made you could give it as a DEC04 gift but it will probably be tastier in 05.... Just give yourself some time to get it into bottles before you need to give it away.

    That's my recommendation anyway.

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    I transported on to the first batches I ever made in a moving truck (the movers moved it). It was a move from Maine to california in January. The moving truck went across the Sierras in Tahoe in the dead of winter, stopped overnight there and the mead not only arrived safely but was one of the best meads I ever made. That was back in 1990

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    I'd leave this mead at you home...
    Mead is pretty robust, this can be your ally.
    The following assume you are not using real fruit.
    If you are using fruit remove in step 2.

    1 Start the mead on the first day of christmass break
    2 Rack into a carboy the day before you go back to school
    (rack it all, don't worry about lees IMO)
    (assumed to be about 8-10 days)
    This should prevent foam blowoff from your carboy.
    3 Come home Spring breakish and rack mead off lees.
    (Anytime in February if you go vist will do.)
    4 Rack again when you get back for the summer.
    5 Rack again before Fall starts
    6 Bottle Thanksgiving break
    (should be pretty darn clear by then)

    All you need is a trusted family member to
    make sure airlock isn't dry a couple times a
    month. (Your mom would probably do this
    while talking to you on the phone, just to
    hear you call her and check 2x a month :-)

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