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Thread: Mead Kit?

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    I recently bought a mead kit to learn from on ebay. Can anyone check it out and give me their opinions? Should I replace any of the ingredients or anything (i.e. the yeast, etc.)? Do I have enough equipment?

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    Do you have a link to the auction?

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    Oh sorry, I forgot to paste it.

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    IIRc Premier Cuvee is a champagne yeast.

    I'd expext this kit to finish dry at 14-15% alcohol

    A PETE Bucket and a Racking Tube are the obvious missing equipment, though a second 1 gallon jug would substitute for the Bucket.

    so plastic tubing and a 1 gallon glass jug of cider, and your all set for cyser. :-)

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    15%? Sounds good, but how long should I leave it after I rack it?

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    It says it comes with instructions, they will probably recomend 4-6 weeks. But I'll be interested in learning what they do recomend since they provide no means of racking in the "COMPLET KIT"

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    I usually bulk age my still meads for 6-8 months and then bottle age for another 6 months or so. For sparkling meads i usually bulk age for 2-4 months and then bottle age for 8-10. Sometimes it depends on how well it clears for you and how good you are at not picking up sediment when you rack. The more times you "need" to rack obviously the longer the process will take. Alot of people laugh and say that theres no chance they would ever wait a year to drink their mead, but in my opinion it produces a far superior product.

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