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WAY TO GO SUZY. Unless temperature is real warm it takes 6 weeks to 2 months. No need to hurry. It will get crystal clear on its own without chilling. If you wait long enough, all the fruit and raisins will go to the bottom, making it easy to rack into bottles. Its always good to attach a coffee filter to the end of your siphon hose so as to get no solids. Works wonderfully. I usually don't wait for everything to go to the bottom. This is the least hassle mead you can make that will turn out fine everytime if you follow instructions faithfully.
How do you attach a coffee filter to the end of the siphon hose? A sanitized rubber band?

2nd: Has anyone made a 5 gal batch by just multiplying the original recipe by 5? Just curious. Also a little curious about the yeast. Just multiply that by 5 as well?

Thanks again everyone.
Bump to hopefully get an answer about attaching a coffee filter to sipon hose. Thanks