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Thread: Chilled or not?

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    I bought a White Winter blueberry mead the other day, and the store that sold it to me had it refrigerated. So I kept it cold and then served it cold. Then I thought that maybe (like a red wine) this would taste even better at room temperature. It did - both my wife and I liked it a lot better after it warmed some.

    So, do I follow the same serving technique as I would with white and red wines? Chill the lighter colored and the sparkling ones?

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    I bought some Chaucer's Mead a couple of years ago, which came with mulling spices. They suggested that you serve it like hot apple cider. My wife and I both like it cold! The colder the better. Have not tried any at room temp, but I still think it will be a personal preference.

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    I am not sure of any set rule for serving mead. The one batch I have a prefer very cold. I have never had some other batches but I will be sure to try them at different temps. When it comes to the rules for wine I break them all the time. There are some whites that I like just a few degress cooler than room temp. And many many reds that I just cannot drink without nearly freezing them!

    Yes, I dislike red wine. ;-)

    Anyway... no one is going to judge you based on how you like your mead. Find what works for you and provides the most enjoyment.

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    Thanks, I guess I'll just have to experiment. That's the best possible answer anyways, right?

    I'm not concerned with people judging me on what temperature I drink mead (or wine) at, I was just wondering if it followed the same rules as wine.

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    From what I understand it is supposed to follow the same rules but I am unclear as to how to apply them... would a sack mead be a "red wine" what about a really low alcohol and dry buckwheat? The best historical view is that all meads can reasonable be enjoyed at a few degrees below room temp but not cold. During that period a cellar which was 15 degrees cooler than the house was about the best you could get for refridgeration. When in doubt warm is at least historically close.

    When it comes to sparkling cold is better. The reason I understand this is that colder liquids can hold more CO2, so it won't explode out of the bottle. Also, as the liquid warms it can hold less gas and constantly releases bubbles. But that is the only type that I could say has a "real" preffered serving temp.

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    I don't have much of a preference -- I like my meads at basement temperature, about 65 degrees or so. Cool, but not chilled. I feel the same way about beer -- I'd never want a "cold one" out of the fridge! Then again, I don't drink "megaswill" either.

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    I run the gamut. From ice cold to moderately chilled and piping hot. Depends on the weather, what Iím doing and where Iím doing it. Most of the time I like it chilled.

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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