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    Default Keeping family members out of the Ingredients =P

    So over the last 2-3 weeks I've been stocking up for my next mead. A nice strawberry one and today I begin by sterilizing all the equipment, I get the honey out, I get all the chemicals out, but I can't find the strawberries in the front freezer. I go out back to check and theres the bag of what was once 6lbs of strawberries. (I only needed 3lbs for a 2gallon batch) I later found out that they where mixed in with protein shake to make it more bearable.

    So tomarrow I'm off to Sams Club to get some more Strawberries.

  2. Default Re: Keeping family members out of the Ingredients

    Damn family members... It could have been worse I suppose. Strawberries are easy to get. Good thing they didn't come back from KFC with a box full of biscuits and realize they forgot the honey...

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