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    Have any of you had any experience with "One Step" no-rinse cleaner/sanitizer? It was what came with my equipment kit, but I have never seen it mentioned in any of the books I have. Anyone have any strong feelings about this product, either pro or con?


    BTW... The airlock is bubbling only once every 30 seconds or so out of our primary firmenter. It has been in the primary for about 3 weeks now. I think we will be racking it to a carboy tomorrow, since we will not have time next weekend!

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    i have used the no rinse...theres nothing really wrong with it but i'm not really impressed with it either. i dont like the idea of the sanitizer being in my beer. i usually use a weak solution of regular houshold bleach and rinse with fresh water for all my sanitrizing needs. its cheap, easy to find, and works great.

    Personally i would give your primary at least a few more weeks before sounds like its still fermenting too fast. i usully let it go about 6 weeks or maybe a bit sooner if all signs of active fermentation have stopped. but this is just one mans opinion.

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    Thanks for the info! I didn't use bleach because I didn't want the smell of bleach in my mead, but I guess that is why you rinse...and rinse!

    As far as waiting to rack is concerned... we'll see if my patience can wait that much longer!

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    there would be no smell of bleach in the mead or beer at all. in fact the no rinse sanitizer is clorine based and i would think that since you are leaving it in the bottle there would be an even greater chance of getting off odors or flavors from it. i've been using bleach for many years and many homebrewers swear by it. two or three seconds of rinse with a bottle washer faucet attachment and all of the bleach odor is gone.

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    the "one step" brand says it is "no-rinse cleanser that uses active oxygen ". There is no clorine bleach in it, so no smell.

    I just wonder if it works! Hate to find out several months later that it doesnt! But I guess that is how we learn! I think I will switch to diluted bleach for my next batch.

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    I haven't used one-step, but all the no-rinses are bleach free. (Star-san, Iodophor, one-step). Bleach is such a bad idea for brewing. You have to rinse it completely and unless you are rinsing with purified water, you are risking putting infection back on the surface. I personally use Iodophor; iodine base. In the right concentration, it is completely rinse free with no ill-effects in your beverage of choice.

    If you haven't already been, come on over to The creator of one-step is a poster there. Goes by Rickdude. The following link is a chat transcript with him being interviewed.

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