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    Default Mead found at Renaissance/Medieval Festivals

    I know that many of the medieval/renaissance festivals are dry. It is a nice addition to the ambiance when they have it available.

    The Michigan Renaissance festival was serving mead this year. It was by Oliver winery, and not spectacular. But it was mead.

    Also in Michigan, I learned that the Silverleaf festival is a dry site. If you bring it in yourself and discreetly you won't be hassled about it.

    David Baldwin
    Michigan Meadery LLC

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    We have gone to the Gig Harbor Fantasy Faire, (first three weekends in August), here in Washington state for the past 4 years. They have a couple of Innyards that sell beer, wine and meade. This past year we had the meade ... a sweet smooth blend.... we loved it. Who the meade was by... I didn't have the forsight to inquire.
    Our Saturday was spent checking out the booths... the Knights... the Pirates... and the performances. Our Sunday was spent in the Innyards with the entertainment & refreshments.. also playing with the Knights & the Pirates too.
    With my 5 year plan to have a meadery... I intend to set up at ren fairs as well. But... alas... I'm still only into the first month of my 5 year plan..
    Suzy Q, Brewmistress

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    Vicky Rowe Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: Mead found at Renaissance/Medieval Festivals

    I've had mead at the following shows:

    Southern California Ren Fest in San Bernadino, CA
    Scarborough Renaissance Fest in Waxahatchie, TX
    Maryland Renaissance Fest in Crownsville, MD (where I'll be this weekend)
    North Carolina Renaissance Festival in Raleigh, NC (Desi's Dew mead)
    Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC (Chaucers)
    Tuxedo Ren Fest in New York state
    PARF in central Pennsylvania

    I know a lot of other shows have mead. So far the only dry show I've attended was NCRF (Raleigh), and they added mead and beer this year.

    Vicky - two days until I get to play pirate at the MD Ren Fest!

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    Default Re: Mead found at Renaissance/Medieval Festivals

    The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in San Berdoo (So Cal Speak for San Bernardino) sells Chaucer's Mead at all their booths.

    This one is my favorite Ren Faire in So Cal! Great food, great libations, first class entertainment, wares, lusty wenches and mead. How much better can it get with clothes on

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    The Texas Ren Faire in Plantersville, TX serves beer, wine and mead. (Chaucers)

    That's where I first found mead. And have been searching high and low for it since, until... I discovered you could make your own!!!!! And my first batch of sweet mead was fantastic. I'm starting to pout because after 2 years I'm down to my last couple of bottles. They have only gotten better over time.

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