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Thread: Avocado?

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    In the Philippines, avocados are used in desserts - like ice cream and shakes.

    Avocado shake. Scoop the fleshy part of the fruit from the shell, mash it smooth with milk and sugar, add ice. Or put it in a blender with ice, sweetened condensed milk or cream. This is not nearly as horrifying as it sounds (or LOOKS).

    After resently trying this, my dmntd mind went straight to Avocado Melomel.

    Any thoughts?


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    First thing that popped into my head is that avocados are very fatty/oily...steps'd have to be taken to mitigate that, but it does sounds tasty! And just imagine the colour!!

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    I would think too many fatty acids. One thing I noticed in some of the asian countries, they use red beans to sweeten desserts instead of sugar.

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    Served with biscuits & cheese. Could be interesting... Going to use Avocado Honey too? Would you be adding it in the primary or secondary? My Suggestion would be the secondary, Avocados are high in fat content but low in carbohydrates which might inhibit yeast growth. Nutritional Info follows...

    avocados per 100 grams (3 1/2 ounces) edible portion includes: water 74 grams; food energy 167 calories; protein 2.1 g; fat 16.4 g; including 3 g saturated fatty acids and 9 g. unsaturated including 7 g. oleic and 2 g. linoleic acid; carbohydrate 6.3 g. including 1.6 g. fiber; ash 1.2 g; calcium 10 milligrams; phosphorus 42 mg.; iron 0.6 mg; sodium 4 mg.; potassium 604 mg; magnesium 45 mg; vitamin A 290 International Units; thimaine 0.11 mg.;' riboflavin 0.2 mg; niacin 1.6 mg; and vitamin C 14 mg.


    Damn, two new posts while I was researching... got to work on that.

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    Anthony, in Brazil people drink avocado shakes. I grew to like them too - but they are very fattening! Another favorite with small children is mashed avocado with a little sugar and milk to make a puree. But how would you deal with all that fat in a mead?

    Miriam the Mead Bubeh
    Israeli Kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miriam
    But how would you deal with all that fat in a mead?
    Probably the same way I had to do with my chocolate mead, in the primary there was more than a half inch of oil that layered on top. When I racked... I racked below the oil and stopped just before it transfered over to the secondary. Now I have about a 1/16 on top of the secondary. I will rack below it again.


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    I'm with Wrathwilde as to dealing with the oil, simply rack from under it.

    The honey used would be a major factor, I'm thinking for the best flavor and color a light colored honey would be best. Star Thistle or Acacia? 2 lb/gal. dry - 3 lb/gal. semi-sweet?

    How many pounds of avocado per gallon of mead, and which type? Not sure the normal 3-4 lb per gallon ratio shouls apply here.

    Mash the avocado and must together in the primary bucket, then pour to secondary?

    Skip this idea and make a show mead?


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    Start with a 6.5 gallon Show mead, on first racking... rack over avocados for a 1 gallon batch, the rest into a 5 gallon carboy. See how you like it before expanding.


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    Much better idea Wrathwilde, Thank's.


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