Maybe this has happened to someone, and maybe it has not.

I bottled my beer today and was in the process of cleaning my secondary carboy. I put some soap in it and was filling it with water with my sink sprayer. Well quite often my sprayer get stuck in the lip of the carboy and it's pretty hard to get out. I try and keep it back a little bit instead of letting it rest so this doesn't happen.

In any case I was almost done filling the carboy and there was a bunch of bubbly suds in the top quarter of the carboy. Well at the same time the sprayer became wedged in the neck. I kept spraying as I was trying to work it back out. By the time I was able to get it worked out, enough pressure had built up in the carboy that my entire kitcken, ceiling, and me were all completely covered with suds.......................

It got EVERYWHERE and after my cursing from the nice surprise it was pretty damn funny. I just thought I'd share my story here and see if it has ever happened to anyone else.