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    Default Mead Tasting Anybody?

    Anyone interested in having a mead tasting in the NY/NJ area in the future? I think it would be very educational (and fun) to taste meads prepared by others on this forum and I'd love to have some input reguarding the quality of my own meads.

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    Default Re: Mead Tasting Anybody?

    That would be fun!

    As long as it wasn't too far north, my wife and I would love to attend! (and bring mead!)


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    Default Re: Mead Tasting Anybody?

    Biggest mead tasting I know of will be the International Mead Fest in Boulder, Co Feb 10 and 11 2006!

    Be there or be rectangu-lair! LOL


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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