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    Default A trip to the HBS...

    is reminiscent of owning Harley's.

    Back in the day, when something broke it meant a triip to the parts store, the funny thing about harleys, no matter what part or patrs where needed (even a shifter), I wasn't getting out of the store for under a hundred bucks.

    Tripped to the parts LHB store today for filter pads and 375ml botltes. Bottle drying rack, bottle rinser, detergent, iodophor, corks, push-in corks, yeast, superfood, acid blend, case of 375 bottles, filter pads & nearly $200.00 later I won my way home.

    I keep telling myself... there will come a point, when I'll have the tools that make the task less hassle & at that point a trip for supplies won't thin my wallet.


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    there is a "contest" between my & my brewing buddies .... who ever can get out of the LHBS with spending the least $$ wins

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    Default Re: A trip to the HBS...

    Almost had the same thing today. Finally got a "quick" trip in to the HBS here in Daytona. 10:30 in the morning the store owner is pulling a bottle of mead out of the fridge to sample. It was a classic mead a bit on the sweet side, nice to finally taste something that didn't come from my mead cellar. Next a customer comes in with a stout for more sampling . Real nice flavor with a bit of a kick. Took almost an hour to get out the door with a case of bottles. Boy do I love trips to the HBS

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    Default Re: A trip to the HBS...

    Always great people at the LHBS. My recent trips have included the sampling of an elderberry braggot, an oaked porter and many other delicious brews!

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    oh man, im missing out

    Im in a little town where the school makes up over half the population... so its online ordering for me.

    no site is ever thoughtfull enough to include samples

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    I know how you feel Anthony,
    My last trip to Stein Fillers was as a favor for a friend, she needed a solid bung and all I had were the drilled ones. I left with two new buckets, 2 beer kits, caps, capper, bottle rack, yeasts, DAP, and a good buzz, they were sampling the beer.
    The samles convinced me to get the kits
    I was looking at a couple of beer kegs but my wallet said No , at least for now.


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    The LHBS is home to, The Cellarmasters Home Wine Club & The Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society, founded in 1973 & 1974 respectively.

    It's kind of odd, of all the time spent there, I've yet to be there when the beer/wine/mead has been flowing.


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