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    Okay, I just got back from the homebrew store and forgot to buy my nutrients. However, I was considering using dried currants (very similar to raisins, just smaller and less juicy) which, I understand may allow me to skip the nutrients. If I were to do this, how many oz. would I need for a 1 gallon and/or a 3 gallon batch? I assume it would be the same as if I were to use raisins.

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    At least 1/4 lb for a 1 gallon batch, and 1/2 lb for a 3 gallon batch.


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    I'm with Oskaar on this.


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    That much just for nutrients? We talk about 25 raisins for a 1 gallon batch. I guess I am not sure how much 25 raisins weighs? Or are currants less efficient as a nutrient source than raisins?

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