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Thread: Drinking games

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    Default Drinking games

    Who has a favorite drinking game? Or one they'd rather not play again?

    Slut the drinking game, is based on an online adult chatroom game of the same name, in chat each player starts with 10 point, the last person having points wins. The game, each player in turn makes a statement such as "I have never kissed a man", each player that can not honestly say the same loose a point. If however every other player can make the same statement the person started the round looses a point.

    In the drinking version of this game each person takes a shot of mead rather then loosing a point. It can be a lot of fun in the right company, but is best not played with distilled spirits.


    Think of it as "Truth or Dare" without the dare.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Click . . . Brrrrr

    Basic verbal/audial/attentiveness exercise.

    Sitting at the table everyone fills their shot glass with mead and begins to count starting with 1. Click and Brrrr are substituted for even numbers as you count, and alternate between Click and Brrrr. Each person counts around the table starting from one in clockwise order. You have three seconds to state your number, click or brrrr.


    Joe Bob: click
    Bobbi Sue: 3
    Sarah Jille: brrrr
    Billy Bob: 5
    . . . etc.

    Whoever misses their number, click, brrrr or doesn't respond within three seconds must down their shotglass and refill. The next person starts over from one. And keeps going.

    This gets hairy in a hurry.


    Use a well known song and substitute click and brrrr for "the," "love," or "woman"


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Sounds like a good one,Oskaar. I can see how it could get hairy in a hurry.

    I've seen games of slut where everyone at the table (except the person making the statement) took a shot each turn. Sometimes 6, 7 even 8 shots one after the other.


    This game can turn into a slumber party

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    I remember a board game called Pink Elephant, a little like Monopoly. You would move around a board and land on other players lots and have to do a shot. The killer was the pink elephant cards where you had to read a tongue twister fast. If you messed up the tongue twister you took another shot and tried again. To win you had to collect 10 cards. I faintly remember falling head first into a trash can after a lengthy game :P, I think we were playing till the winner got 20 cards. Oh the fond memories of youth .

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    Hey beeboy,
    How's your liver?
    I remember playing golf long ago. You start by drinking 3 beers, then you start! Missed shot, 1 beer, bogey, 2 beers.
    Had to give it up, my liver couldn't take it, besides we never made it past 9th hole.


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    Default Re: Drinking games


    Everyone sits around a table with a mug in front of them. Each person has a sign, usually vulgar, but not always. Everyone pounds on the table and the last person who missed shouts "What's the name of the game?". Everyone else shouts "Indian".

    Everything must be done an odd number of times. The starting player must give his own sign (usually once, but an odd number of times) and then the sign of another player. The other player must pick up by giving their own sign and then another player's sign. Failing to give your own sign within a second or two, or doing something an even number of times, or pointing with your finger, or using the persons name instead of their signs name results in a sip. Three straight failures by a player results in chugging the entire mug while being sung to by everyone else...

    Although slightly irreligious, my sign was always "God" (hand raised like an Indian saying "How"). One of my best friends was usually "Damn" (hand slapped flat on table). We would sit at opposite ends of the table going back and forth until we had everyone confused then give someone else's sign... Ahhhh the good old days.... Is my heathen side showing through?

    With a raised mug,

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    heres a set up i would like to get
    warning other links at this site can are NSFW while this one is jsut be careful.
    oh yea they are fairly well labled what is NSFW & what is SFW


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    Drunk Jenga!!

    OK, Drunk Jenga is the greatest game ever, and each succsive game played gets more interesting than the first, as peoples inhibitions tend to dwindle the longer they play. I have been playing this since early highschool, and will never tire of it.

    How it works:
    1. Go and buy a Jenga set! Walgreens is open 24hrs so you can do this on a whim.
    2. Divide up the pieces among the players, and give each player a marker.
    3. Instruct the players to write on the blocks.
    a. Players can write ANYTHING on these blocks. The general rule of thumb is "Don't write
    what you won't do." or else you will probably draw it yourself.
    4. Stack all of the pieces face down
    5. Begin drawing one piece at a time clockwise, following the instructions written on your piece.

    The 1st game tends to go quick, and usually pretty tame, but you can see how interesting this game can get.

    There will always be the standard "take # of drinks", or "give out # of drinks". However each game there will likely be more and more exciting pieces in the pile. "You are the President", "truth or Dare", "remove an article of clothing", "Get in the closet and change clothing with the person to your left" "take jenny into the bathroom for 5 minnutes" get the idea. You can get as risque as the company allows.

    I own about 6 or 7 sets of Jenga. Some of them have been repainted and reused several times. I need to patent the dry erase Jenga set!



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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Here's one that's lots of fun that we used to play all the time - Asshole

    Works best with 4 or more people. Need a standard deck of cards (jokers removed) for more than 6 people a double deck works best.

    Cards are ranked as follows

    from 3 (low) to Ace (High)

    Pairs beat singles, Triples beat Pairs, four of a kind automatically clears the pile.
    (example - a pair of 3's would beat a single ace)

    2's are the highest card and automatically clear the pile

    First all the cards must be dealt out, it doesn't matter that some people might have a card extra or be a card short when playing with an odd # of people. For the initial hand the person with the 3 of clubs goes 1st, this means discarding a card or cards face up in the center of the table. The Object of the game is to be the 1st one out of cards and you are ranked accordingly on how you performed. It's usually best to get rid of your low cards as quick as possible. the first person out of cards is President, 2nd out is Vice President... and so on. The last person with cards left is the Asshole.

    After the initial discard the next player must either match it, exceed it, clear the pile (with a #2 or a four of a kind), or pass (if they can't Match, exceed or clear) if a player passes they have to take a drink.

    If you lay the same value card as the last player (say they laid the 3 of hearts, and you laid the 3 of diamonds) the next player gets skipped (loses their turn) and they have to take a drink. If it's pairs of the same value (they laid a pair of 3's, and you laid a pair of 3's on top) the next 2 players get skipped and they both have to drink.

    If you laid the highest card(s) and nobody can top it or clear it... then when it comes back to you the pile clears, and you start a new pile with the card(s) of your choice.

    Card's can only be laid down during your turn in singles, pairs, three or four of a kind. Straights, Flushes and other poker type hands hold no value in Asshole and cannot be played.

    After the initial round... The President goes 1st, everybody else is seated by rank in a clockwise manner from president down to Asshole. And is reordered for each hand there after. Rank as follows, President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Ass, Asshole. if more than 5 players you can add titles in the middle.

    The Rankings are important... What ever your position in the rankings... you can make any person that ranks lower than you take a drink at any time. So the President can make anybody drink, but the vice ass can only make the Asshole drink. The only time this changes is when the Asshole is dealing, at that time the asshole can make anybody drink.

    Other Rules

    When someone lays a card(s) that clear a pile the asshole has to clear the pile immediately, every second that the asshole doesn't clear the pile is another drink they have to take, as long as someone is counting out loud. Example - If the count is four before the pile is cleared then the Asshole has to take four drinks.

    If anyone touches their cards before the Asshole has finished dealing and picked up his own cards, then they automatically become Asshole and have to switch places.

    The Asshole must give the President his two best cards, in turn the President will give the asshole his two worst cards

    If the president remains president for 3 rounds they get to make special rules.

    Some rules I've had to endure, anytime anyone laid a double I had to drink. I got back at the gal who initiated it against me though, later I initiated the rule that she had to drink every time someone laid down a red card. Other night's when the girls seemed to be teaming up hard core on the guys (we were outnumbered 2 to 1) I was able to pass the rule that 2's no longer cleared the pile for females. The nice thing about the rules is that they are perpetual no matter who is president, the only way to revoke a rule is for another President to use his/her special rule to cancel it.


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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Ahh the glory of Asshole in its many incarnations! That brings back memories (and, more often, the lack thereof).
    Used to play a lot of Asshole, Slut and drunk VC (can you fade?). Not to mention "1 Up, 1 Down", which may very well be a drinking game invented by my ex-girlfriend's redneck family. It involved random, subtle hand signals where 1 hand was "up" (above shoulder level, scratching your head, rubbing your ear, etc) and 1 down (or 2 up, or 2 down) and was played sitting in a large circle of 25-30 people (15-70) while drinking shots of tequila. Oh, and you can't ever explain the rules to newbees. Wonder if anyone else has ever heard of it.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    The drinking games I played usually involved movies/TV

    There's one floating around on the web that's to do with watching Iron Chef (everytime they use squid ink, take a drink etc etc etc) but my fave is to do with Mallrats (the Kevin Smith Movie). If you know the film, there's a scene where Brody has a drinking cup of water. He's flailing about madly, pontificating on something, and you have to take a drink everytime his cup enters or leaves the frame. In the space of about 1 minute, this happens close to 20 times.

    Good fun!

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    [img width=448 height=336][/img]
    The setup here is used by me and friends at my college (which I've mentioned before but will not name here ). It's a piece of plywood (heavily tagged) resting on two wooden chairs. Were inbetween games here, so the cups are not setup correctly for play.

    Requires a nice flat surface, at least 6 cups of same size, two glasses of water (to clean the balls), and 2 ping pong balls.

    Two teams (usually of 2 people each) split the number of cups evenly. We usually use 2 beers to fill 6 cups per side. Then line the cups up on either side of the table (we usually use 6 cups in a pyramid design). Flip of the coin, beer shotgun contest, volley, or previous winning team wins the first shots.

    You stand a distance from the table, one ball/shot per person on the team, and try to shoot the ball into one of your enemy teams cups. They have to drink cups made. Two scores in one round means "balls back", they get another two shots, one per person. Eventually one side runs out of cups and they have to drink the remaining winning team's beer. The winning team remains at the table for a new team to challenge.
    We play redemption rules, where the losing team has one more chance to rectify thier situation, they get two shots to both make it, and continue to if they get balls back. If they make all thier cups and get balls back, we go to a 3 cup/1 beer overtime.

    This can get dangerous quickly... if a team gets sweeped, they've got 4 beers between two people to drink, QUICKLY. If you keep winning, you gotta keep playing.

    Additional Rules I've heard...

    Water Cup - (sick one) make your shot into the water cup for rinsing the balls off, and you have to drink the water cup.
    Bouncing Ball - some people allow balls to be bounced into a cup, usually the opposing team is allowed to swat away a bouncing ball. Making it in means drink two cups (or balls back). People also play this as off the ceiling or walls. Drunk people often knock over thier own cups trying to catch balls.
    Blowing- A ball performing the "toilet swirl" on a cup can be blown out of the cup by the opposing team.
    Fingering-ball in a cup but still moving can be flicked out of the cup with a finger. Again, drunk people like to knock over cups.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    I dont believe I didnt post this before!!


    Rules are here: (I think this is a local kingdon version?)

    We play this at the Clinton War (and other parties with SCAers) and have a blast! A friend of mine actually makes gorgeous stained-glass Tablero boards as well.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Thanks Mynx, thats a good one.

    Of all the drinking games I've played over the years, slut has been the most fun. Unless there's a virgin playing who's never kissed or worn underwear made for the opposite sex, like boxers. Everyone gets Socially Lubricated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmntd
    Thanks Mynx, thats a good one.

    Of all the drinking games I've played over the years, slut has been the most fun.
    Unless there's a virgin playing who's never kissed or worn underwear made for the
    opposite sex, like boxers. Everyone gets Socially Lubricated.

    I wonder if the nomenclature is local? I've always heard it called "I Never", even among the
    lewdest and rudest.

    You can bet I'm adoptin' the alternate name.

    A game we occasionally play with drinking is "Bullshit". Pretty much as the standard
    rules presented here,
    except that you drink whenever you pick up cards. As the drinking progesses,
    people will play ludicrous amounts of cards at once (8 or 9) and actually get away with it.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Hey Zweitracht,

    Slut is an online adult chat-room game, adapted into a drinking game by myself and a friend. I'm sure there are other games along the same lines.


    p.s. I like the I never version you spoke of.

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    I always played it as "I Never", too . . . . and our house rules said the drink you take should reflect your particular experience. So if you did something a lot of times, you could end up drinking a whole bottle of beer. *big grins*

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    I don't remember how to play...

    but I sure remember playing it.

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    Default Re: Drinking games

    Welcome to the forum Mamassage!


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    I don't believe that anyone has yet mentioned the TV show drinking games. Basically you make a list of things that occur frequently in a given show, and assign a certain number of shots to each event. Particularly fun with ridiculous or "young audience" shows (fond memories of Pokemon).

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