This is getting to be a real pain in the ass! This is the second batch of mead that has started fermenting after bottling. The first batch had been 2 or 3 months with no change in graqvity before i bottled. Every bottle from that batch turned and where pushing the corks from the bottles.

This batch was a tupelo mead, 2 months no change in gravity. After racking off the lees I used bentonite followed 2 weeks later with sparkalloid. Three weeks after treatment, I filtered through 5 mic pads, then 1 mic pads and finished through 0.5 mic pads then bottled. A few weeks later, the tupelo mead is pushing corks from the bottles (it does make a nice sparkling mead).

I spent Sunday - Tuesday in buffalo and Ontario, I come home this morning to find soaked boxes, 3 bottles near empty and half a dozen corks pushed half way out of the bottles!

I poured the partial bottles in the vinegar vat, then pulled the corks which where coming out, let the botles breath a bit before corking them again.

I really don't wan to sulfite the mead I make, if I must (heh heh heh) I will. I'm thinking about adding a neutral spirit to finish mead I want still may be a choise I prefer to sulfites. Other then waiting longer before bottling, sulfiting or fortifying, what can I do.

Pissed and hopeful,