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    Just as a general question, if I want to make an all grain braggot how would I go about doing this without having to purchase more equiptment and move into all grain brewing. All though I brew my own beer my primary concentration will continue to be with mead. Currently I am reading Ken Schramm's book on meadmaking and he has suggested a simple way of doing this, all other books I have read on beer making do not suggest this. So I was woundering what others thought
    thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest hooking up with an all grain brewer and splitting a 10 gallon batch of braggot. Trying to piecemeal a temporary all grain brewing system will take some time and will most likely not get you the quality wort you are looking for. Todays malt extracts are pretty darn good and seem like they would be pretty well suited for making a braggot.


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    Hey Igor,

    I mash and boil in the same brewpot, without sparging, using a grain bag allows the grain to be removed rather from the pot. Mash efficiency has been between 60% - 65%, so a bit more grain is needed to hit the target gravity.

    Before getting a chiller, I used a water bath to cool must / wort. A few bags of ice, water and some rock salt in the bathtub around the bucket.

    This - - has been very helpful in fingering out how much grain / honey is need, and this - - is the only guide I use for brewing.

    It's the opinion of a growing number of brewers (myself included), No Sparge brewing makes a superior malt beverage. I can understand how sparging makes sense on a large scale, having increase the grain bill by roughly 4:3 would cut into profits. Spending $10.00 more for the added grain needed for a 12 gallon batch of braggot isn't that much.

    Happy mazing,


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    Here's a good link for doing 3 gallon all-grain batches with minimal equipment. I think you'll find it useful. This should work out as you'll be making up the difference in honey for a 5 gallon batch.

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    Thanks for the info. I will try this out.

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