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    This Lynne seems to be a very emotional person. If she doesn't want to deal with small orders, maybe she should just have a minimum order limit, and then break that limit for "people she approves of". Either that or employ another person that is able to deal with smaller orders, given that there exists such a person that she would tolerate, and that could tolerate her.

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    I checked each of your links you posted for this supplier Oskaar and found three or four more from each of those sites, and so on. How she even has any business is beyond me. Perhaps just walk in customers who do just that; walk in, find what they want, then pay for it and leave.

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    So after reading this and reading other threads on the web I will not be shopping at St. Pats and I am a Commercial Meadery. Just starting out mind you, but I need to buy a lot of equipment. I do ask a lot of questions, but I want to be sure on what I am buying before spending thousands of dollars. So we are also with the boycott. Thanks Oskaar!

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