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Thread: Malt + Fruit

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    Well I was buying stuff for my next batch of mead, but when I got home I found out i was facing quite a strange choice. It seems I bought 4 lbs of apples, 2 sticks of cinamon, grinded ginger, caraway spice, grinded clove, 1 lbs of malt extract, and a bunch of honey including 1 lbs of heather honey. I am making a 25 liter(5,8 gallons) batch, and my question is this: Will mixing apples and malt make the mead taste horrid? And which of these spices should I keep out of my mead if I am using apples/malt....

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    Welcome to the Forums!

    I'm a little unclear as to what you're intending here: do you want to mix all these fermentables -- the apples, malt, and honey? If so, that would, I suppose, be a braggot (or honey/malt mead). These are usually carbonated like beer, but not always. Adding the apple juice in will probably give it a light, fruity character. What kind of malt is it? If it's a lighter malt, this could be quite nice, done right. A heavier malt might be less successful, but that's just a guess, and a matter of personal taste anyway. I'm not sure about the caraway, but otherwise, these spices work well with apples. Using a lighter touch with the caraway might lend an interesting character.

    Have you made mead before? If not, I wouldn't recommend going ahead with this recipe just yet. It's actually a complex list of ingredients you've got here, and it could take a bit of experience to put it together the way you want. Just my view, so take it for what it's worth.

    Anyway, once you finalize the exact ingredients and method you want to use for this, please post it to the Recipes board here, and I'm sure you'll get lots of great feedback.

    Again, welcome!


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    Thank you very much for the help.

    To your question; This will be my third batch so far so I have some experience. The reason I was curious was that I have never used malt and/or apples in a mead before and so I had no idea how the outcome would be like. i the final result.

    Ill be careful with the caraway like you said, it has quite a powerful taste. Also I think the Malt is quite heavy so I think ill only use half the apples.

    Good tip about the braggot being carbonated, I think i'll try half of it carbonated and the other half not. And Ill sure write down the recipe if it turns out any good.

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