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  1. Default hydrometer reading

    I just received a standard brew testing hydrometer and am a little confused with the readings so I will post some imaginery readings here.
    Suppose I get a first reading of 9 on the percent of alcohol scale. I later get a reading of 10 on the same scale. Obviously some fermentation has occured. The problem concerns the formula for finding the percent of alcohol. The instructions say 9-10*131= % alcohol. But I get a result of -130100.000% for these imaginary readings. I can't see how this is a percent of alcohol. The results make me think I have something wrong in the formula. Something like the order of the computations. Could someone convert these imaginary readings properly for me so that I can see something a percentage.
    I realise with two readings so close the difference will be very small. I guess my confusion is in the negative value of the results. As soon as this batch seems finished I will start out knowing the first must reading of the raw ingredients. So far I am only using bottled honey and well water with a lot of the honey. Like 50%. I am using only a tablespoon of convertedmilk kefir grains to provide the yeast for fermentation in 3 qrts of must so fermentation is slow. When I get more grains I intend to convert them also and add them to the must to speed up the fermentation.
    Does any of this make any sense at all:>)?

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    Default Re: hydrometer reading

    The alcohol scale will show the what percent will be when it has fermented to dry. You need to use the specific gravity scale and use the numbers located there to use the formula. Couple of sites one explains hydrometers and use and the other has a calculator for the readings.

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