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    Default Descriptive Links for Wine Tasting

    These links were pulled from my Virtual Mead & Wine Tasting thread. Figured I'd copy them over to favorite links to provide newbees an easier search for them in future.

    If you need some help describing your mead you might check out this site for terms describing wine.

    Recognose - Aroma Reference Technologies has a lot of good information here. All the following direct links were pulled from there.

    White Wine Varietal Characteristics here.

    Red Wine Varietal Characteristics here.

    Winemaking Maturation and Fault Characteristics here.

    Mouthfeel Wheel here.

    Common Wine Faults and Causes here.


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    Default Re: Descriptive Links for Wine Tasting

    This is cool!!

    I have often wondered about this sort of thing. Plus it is a bonus to have the dictionary available for translation purposes.

    So I take it a gamey, diesel, cigar box sort of description would be bad

    I like the description about Rotten Egg “A decided flaw”.


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