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    Greetings all, I have two questions. First, made a batch of JAOM three weeks ago and all is well, the liquid level was at the bottom of the gallon carboy neck initially but has now fallen to about an inch and a half from it's original level, add water to reduce air space or let it ride? Second question, I stared a 5 gallon BOMM late last night and put in about a quarter cup to much honey. Wasn't really grasping reading the hygrometer either but am clear about it now. Long story short specific gravity is 1.38 when it should have been 1.04 per the recipe. Do I leave it alone, do I remove some and add water to get gravity back in range or should I scrap this batch and start all over as I do have the yeast. Thank you

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    Bad information is probably worse than no information.

    Something seems to be wrong with your specific gravity question. The starting gravity of a BOMM should be around 1.100 and a reading of 1.040 is about where you should be after about 1.5 weeks of fermentation. 1.38 would probably be off the scale of your hydrometer. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there on how to read a hydrometer. Please watch a few of them.

    Maybe you meant 1.138? If so, you should add some water to bring it down to around 1.100 to 1.120. It's possible to have a starting gravity of 1.138, with a BOMM, but probably not something you want to be doing for your second batch of mead.

    I believe the direction for a JAOM specifically states to add water after the major foaming has stopped, so you should probably have added water two weeks ago......
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